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Wipe Out Waste Gallery

PAINT YOUR FEET and be heard and seen in the continued climate change negotiations – it’s YOUR FUTURE they are talking about – we need to remind the world of this – send us your foot art in thousands UPLOAD HERE!!

One million feet to Copenhagen - upload


The world is still working towards a global agreement to help protect the world’s children from the impacts of catastrophic Climate Change. Everyone understands the importance of reaching an agreement for generations to come but there will be limited representation of children at ongoing conferences. If you can’t be there in person SEND YOUR FEET and be counted – World leaders are concerned – show them you care too!

The floods in the Philippines should remind politicians and delegates negotiating the climate treaty that they are not just talking about paragraphs and dollars but about the lives of millions of people," says WWF.

There is no plan B...If we do not realise plan A, we go straight to plan F, which stands for failure, Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva

When historians look back on this critical moment, let them say, not that we were the generation that failed our children; but that we had the courage, and the will, to succeed."Gordon Brown - British Prime Minister.

This is FUN too so don’t be shy – get your whole school involved.

See examples of schools getting involved.

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Be creative!
Foot painting
Paint your friends feet
painted feet
Footpainting PARTY!


Paint your foot and upload it to our One Million Feet Campaign Gallery

Upload a photo of your foot art by using this form.

Be creative, be inspired and get involved. Get your School, Scouts, Football team, Netball team or any one you can think of involved. Why not invite a bunch of friends round and have a foot painting party! (make sure you plan it properly) Its easy, fun and anyone can do it - if you dont want to paint your foot paint someone elses!

Send us your Eco poetry

If you are aged 10-18 you can post your eco poem in this forum

If you are ages 19+ you can post your eco poem in this forum

Or if you would prefer you can simply e-mail it to Footprint Friends

foot photoWe will collate all of your painted feet and eco poetry.

The more feet - the louder the voice - have your say

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