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Footprint Friends Foundation

The Foundation is the not for profit, charitable arm of Footprint Friends. It has been set up to allow the limited company to use and distribute funds to support a range of young people’s environmental initiatives.

A percentage of the Footprint Friends Ltd company profits go into the Foundation as which is supplemented by monies raised through specific fundraising activities – such as sponsored events.

Other funds from the Footprint Friends Foundation may given out in grants to young people who have an environmental project or scheme they wish to start or maintain but who would not be eligible for money from the large trusts or charitable funds such as the Lottery. These are small scale, local projects run by the young people, often through existing networks such as Scouts or Brownie packs, through schools or youth clubs. While the grants are small, typically only a few hundred pounds and never more than a thousand, the difference these projects make is huge.

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Footprint Friends Foundation
1-10 Praed Mews,
W2 1QY

Registered charity number: 1122491

Phone: +44 (0) 845 604 2094

[email protected]

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