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About powerPerfector - proud sponsor of Wipe Out Waste

Footprint Friends is delighted to have powerPerfector as the sponsor of Wipe Out Waste (WOW). It is quite difficult for any organisation to live up to the high expectation of our members and having the backing of a business that delivers energy efficiency is quite simply - BRILLIANT!

What's  powerPerfector all about? (I hear you ask) Well first there are some interesting facts that you will be surprised to learn. The first is that in the UK 90% of businesses pay for more electricity than they need - and this means that the grid is supplying power over and above the real need to a huge number of businesses. What does that mean... an awful lot of  WASTED ENERGY!!!

Wasted energy is bad enough but this energy has both environmental and financial implications. The environment suffers because the wasted energy produces CO2 which is not necessary and the cost involved in using more electricity than needed is just a waste of money. With resources also being wasted in generating this wasted energy it all adds up to a no win situation - amazingly the UK is only just waking up to this fact!

But there is a solution that wipes out this waste and it involves a clever technology delivered by powerPerfector.  Without getting too technical  powerPerfector technology optimises electricity power supply and reduces consumption, costs and carbon footprint. It is for these reasons that powerPerfector is one of the most sought after technologies in the marketplace currently (which is not suprising!!) The inside of the magic box looks like the photo to the right.

A carbon cutting solution that saves money - exciting isn't it!

Even more inspiring is that  powerPerfector  can save up to 22% of CO2 for a business - and that's impressive!!

Angus Roberston CEO of  powerPerfector  (photo) commenting about our WOW awards said ' it is so important to inspire young people in the face of the environmental challenges we face - I am proud to be the sponsor of these awards and am very much looking  forward to reading all your WOW ideas - good luck every one in your challenge to  WIPE OUT WASTE'.

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