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Footprint Friends Campaigns

2010 is an exciting year for footprint friends. As well as running our very own WOW awards campaign, we are delighted to be working with and supporting The Princes Rainforest Project and 10:10

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The Wipe Out Waste Awards

Do you have what it takes to WOW? Footprint Friends and PowerPerfector are inviting you and your school to find ingenious ways to banish waste permanently!

WOW 2010 is now open and accepting your applications. Students from any school in the country are invited to put forward their ideas to banish waste to be judged by some of the biggest names in climate change.

This year we're building on the huge success of WOW 2009 when we saw ideas ranging from Nearly new uniforms to Meat free Mondays. The winning idea, an Ingenious device to save half pencils thrown away has been put into production to be made available nationwide, winning their school a free PowerPerfector unit.

rain forest deforestation

Princes Rainforest Project

Footprint Friends are delighted to be working with the princes rainforest project and Start London

to raise awareness of the deforestation of the rainforests and their importance in keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.

The Princes Rainforest Project was set up in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales. The project was set up following reports from leading climate scientists showing how the rainforests absorb nearly one fifth of man-made carbon dioxide emissions. The Princes Rainforest Project's objective is to raise awareness of the vital role the rainforests play in the global climate, and to identify incentives to slow and stop de-forestation.


Footprint Friends are encouraging people to get behind the 10:10 campaign. Check out their ten ways to cut climate change

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