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Letter from Ed Miliband to Footprint Friends

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posted by richard

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Letter from Ed Miliband to Footprint Friends

This letter was sent by Ed Miliband to Swampy (Karen) and it shows shows that government is listening to young people and that you have direct access to the Climate Change talks in Copenhagen.

‘Engaging with young people is a hugely important part of the process of achieving a deal...’

‘Looking through your Footprint Friends website, I was struck by the creativity of the million feet to Copenhagen campaign, which is an unusual and welcome initiative. In particular I’d like to thank you for supporting Government’s efforts to encourage young people into the climate change debate’

‘Science tells us that achieving an ambitious and equitable global deal in Copenhagen is essential’

‘ It is very encouraging to have organisations like yours working to make it a success.’

The Rt Hon Ed Milliband – Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change


Find out more about the One Million Feet To Copenhagen here

We can't wait to see your foot art....

Its easy!

And Fun!

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