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Footprint Friends is proud to support organisations and individuals who share our determination to bring the climate change debate to wider audiences and by promoting the voice of young people, share our commitment to protecting the future for the next generations.

Working with host parters we create a special social networking element to ECO Competitions and other environmental school programmes so that young people have an opportunity to have their say. Our mission is to continually develop new initiatives and engage with young people globally.

DEFRA Climate Champions

DEFRA - English Climate Change Champions 2008 / 2009

npower climate cops

npowers competition to find the most Green "Green agers"

Children in a Changing Climate

Policy, action, learning and research for children in a changing climate

Climate Change Schools Project

A ground breaking and unique initiative - piloted in NE England.

Forum for the Future found that ‘78% of university applicants in 2007 believed that lifestyles need to change across the board, or in many areas, for human civilisation to survive the next 100 years’. This is the voice of young people, describing an endangered future and we need to start listening.

Forums are a great way of capturing opinion and better still online social network forums further stimulate debate.  Greater communication power is given to the conversation the more it is referenced via th web and this is the aim of Footprint Friends.

Footprint Friends is increasingly known for the work we do around engaging young people in eco debate online.  Online participant contribution in the VIP 10-18 forum is public and moderated. Unlike other social networks, Footprint Friends is dedicated to environmental debate; this makes us an excellent host partner for ECO school age Competitions.

Developing a partnership with Footprint Friends can help your organisation:

  • Bring longevity to your environmental and sustainability initiatives
  • Communicate more broadly the impact you make with your eco schemes
  • Improve efficiency with the marketing of subsequent initiatives
  • Improve your CSR credentials and raise your profile

You can support us by:

Working with us - we'd be delighted to talk to you about how we can work together to promote positive environmental action.

Sponsoring us - allow us to reach more young people through schools by making a donation - to help fund our work. To find out more please see our sponsor page


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