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HRH The Duchess of Cornwall ‘switches on’ a mock powerPerfector unit to cut Canon Burrow Primary School’s carbon emissions

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall officially unveiled a powerPerfector voltage power optimisation unit today, whilst she met and congratulated the pupils of Greater Manchester’s Canon Burrows primary school. The school had recently beat nine other finalists in a national competition to reduce waste in schools and was awarded a powerPerfector unit as a prize.

The competition, ‘Wipe Out Waste’, was organised by Footprint Friends and sponsored by powerPerfector. The powerPerfector ‘green box’ will help Canon Burrows to become a more environmentally friendly school by reducing the amount of electricity it uses.

To win the award, the children had to present a ‘green’ idea of how schools can look after the environment by reducing waste. The winning concept was a unique pencil grip which extends the life of pencils normally thrown away when they have been half used. On hearing of the young team’s idea powerPerfector committed to financing the design of a prototype that was shown to the school during the visit.

Canon Burrows School is in the metropolitan borough of Tameside, in Greater Manchester and is committed to addressing climate change and promoting environmentally friendly activities.

The children’s work has been recognised by the achievement of many awards, including the first DCSF Teaching Award for Education for Sustainable Development, and five ECO flags. The school actively seeks ways to reduce carbon emissions and have recently installed a green roof and solar panels

The visit coincided with the tenth National Storytelling Week and Her Royal Highness also met Taffy Thomas, the new National Storytelling Laureate.


Posted Feb 05 2010, 11:34 AM by benjamin
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Tracey Smith wrote re: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall ‘switches on’ a mock powerPerfector unit to cut Canon Burrow Primary School’s carbon emissions
on 08-20-2010 9:10 PM

I was one of the judges for WOW 2009 and must confess, we were all very impressed by the waste/money-saving idea that came forward from Canon Burrows!

It's great to see these pictures of the Power Perfector in place and I know the children thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Duchess of Cornwall during her visit to the school.

I cannot wait to see the exciting initiatives in the finals of WOW 2010 and would actively encourage 'you' to make sure your school knows all about the competition...

...who knows, perhaps we'll meet when you present your top green idea in the not too distant future...

Rubbishly yours,


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