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Wipe Out Waste 2010 Video

Footprint Friends are Delighted to announce the Video for the 2010 Wipe Out Waste Awards is now Live!

This Year the Wipe Out Waste Awards has an X-Factor theme. We thought this best since the ideas got us all very excited!. A huge thank you to Ben, Tom and the crew from Nice and Serious for their amazing work on the video.

The finals took place in the palace grounds of HRH The Prince of Wales - at the Start UK event on the 16th September. 

All 10 schools impressed the judges with their creativity and passion for finding positive sustainable solutions. But the first place was awarded to Ringwood School for their yoghurt pots campaign. The school consumes thousands of yoghurts every year but the pots can't be recycled - which didn't make sense to the schoolchildren. Their idea is to run a campaign for yoghurt pots to be manufactured in either paperboard, in a biodegradable plastic or the same plastic as a milk bottle. That way, they can be recycled. 

Big Congratulations to all of our finalists but in particular Lostock College for attaining third place with their "Green Team" idea", Lammas Secondary School for their "360 degree veg idea", and special congratulations to our 2010 winners Ringwood School for their yoghurt pot campaign" Angus Robertson, CEO of power perfector summed up our thoughts on the enteries; "The standard is incredibly high and all the time you put in is remarkable - you should give yourselves strong congratulations"


Posted Nov 29 2010, 12:35 PM by benjamin

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