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Eco Advisers working with Footprint Friends

Professor Bill McGuire

Bill McGuire is Professor of Geophysical Hazards at University College London and Director of the university's Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre – Europe's largest, multidisciplinary academic hazard research centre. A volcanologist by inclination and training, he has worked on volcanoes all over the world, and published over three hundred papers, books and articles on volcanoes and other natural hazards.

Casper ter Kuile

Casper is the Co-Director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition and leading organiser in the UK youth climate movement. He has campaigned with various groups, such as Oxfam, WWF and People and Planet, which has taken him to Westminster, Brussels and even the high Arctic.

Carbon Dave

I’m an ordinary guy, who has been amazingly lucky in almost every aspect of my life. I’m married with four lovely children. I've had a good education, a good career, and a good life so far. In June 2005 I left my job as a company director in order to pursue my passion of helping people to reduce their carbon emissions.

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