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WOW Gallery

WOW Judges 2010

Casper ter Kuile - Co-Founder of the UK Youth Climate Coalition

"I have seen over and over again that young people are the smartest at rethinking our sustainability challenges. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the bright ideas and brave passion from all those presenting their plans at the 2010 Wipe Out Waste Awards."

Casper ter Kuile is the Co-Founder of the UK Youth Climate Coalition, an organisation that inspires, empowers and mobilises young people to organise their campuses and communities to build a clean energy future. A history graduate from Warwick University, he was a participant in WWF's Voyage for the Future program that took him to the high Arctic to see first-hand the impacts of a warming climate. Since then, he has worked with Futerra Communications, and now with the global campaigning organisation

Ian Fielder - CEO British Institute of Facilities Management

"Being a Green Dragon in the inaugural Wipe out Waste competition in 2009 was a complete privilege. The energy and motivation of school children to innovate every aspect of the environment is humbling. The WOW initiative provides a catalyst for every school to showcase the very best of thinking and supporting sustainability issues at the core of the curriculum."

Ian joined the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) as CEO in April 2004. His career in workplace management spans over 31 years and covers both the private and public sectors including 13 years working in the NHS, eight years with IBM and then over ten years with Procord/Johnson Controls.

Ian is an active board member of Global FM, an association of associations, set up in 2006 to promote facilities management internationally, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and a board advisor of the Asset Skills Council, representing the FM Industry. Away from work, Ian is a keen golfer and is a chairman of governors of one of Hampshire’s largest Primary Schools.

Dr Liz Goodwin - Chief Executive Officer WRAP

"I’m delighted to be involved with the WOW awards again this year. It is truly inspirational to see and hear about all the ideas that are generated by the young people taking part. The awards are a great way of raising awareness and involving people in improving the world we live in"

Liz has a PhD in chemical physics and has a background which straddles the public and the private sectors. She held a number of technical and production related roles with ICI and Zeneca before moving into the environmental field within the chemical industry. Liz became the CEO for WRAP in 2007 and has worked with the organisation since its early days, joining in 2001 as the first Director of Materials Programmes.

Since taking over as CEO, the profile of WRAP and the issues of waste and recycling have increased significantly through media coverage in the press, on TV and on radio. The Times newspaper recently referred to Liz as ‘The first lady of UK recycling’.

Tracey Smith - Writer and Broadcaster

"I'm excited and proud to be a Green Judge again in this year's WOW Awards from Footprint Friends. Last year the ideas were truly inspirational and prove that our children are fuelled by excitement, not fear and this pure energy will carry them forward as leaders of the future. - Every school in the country should embed the WOW Awards into their curriculum and prepare their entries for 2011!"

Tracey Smith is a Writer and Broadcaster on sustainable living and author of the bestselling Book of Rubbish Ideas. She champions green innovation in her workshops and talks and always takes the upbeat and encouraging route to promoting positive change. Tracey broadcasts a weekly eco-radio show called 'Slow Down and Green Up' and is currently developing a series for television.

Hanna Thomas - Programmes Manager at The Otesha Project UK

"I’m so happy to be invited back into the Den this year, as I had enjoyed last year's WOW awards so much. It is fantastic to see young people developing innovative solutions to the times we live in, and have a chance to showcase them to each other. You never know, we might discover the next Alexander Graham Bell in there this year!"

Hanna has worked as Programmes Manager at The Otesha Project UK, a youth-led organisation that trains young people to become advocates for social and environmental change. She has also delivered the first ever Youth Intervention speech to the UN Climate Change Conference plenary in Poznan, won a 2009 Young Achiever's Award and launched the Shake Your Money Maker campaign on ethical banking earlier this year as part of her work with the UK Youth Climate Coalition. She is passionate about environmental justice and has delivered trainings on this topic for the Black Environment Network and Expedition. Her writings have featured on Sky News, The Independent and now The Multicultural Politic, where she is Climate Editor.

Professor Bill McGuire - Writer, Lecturer & Footprint Friends Science Advisor

"The most fantastic presentations I have seen on the topic – ever. They would certainly give my students a run for their money."

Bill McGuire is Professor of Geophysical Hazards at University College London and Director of the university's Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre – Europe's largest, multidisciplinary academic hazard research centre. A volcanologist by inclination and training, he has worked on volcanoes all over the world, and published over three hundred papers, books and articles on volcanoes and other natural hazards.

Mark Wakefield, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM UK

"Young people are certainly key in influencing and enabling change, they have an energy that never fails to amaze me. I am excited to be a Green Dragon this year at the Wipe Out Waste final and look forward to being part of a WOW generation"

Mark qualified as a teacher in 1979 but once qualified chose to become a youth worker instead. He spent 12 years as a youth worker, working in some of London's most disadvantaged areas and was one of the first youth workers to introduce IT into youth work programmes.

In 2001 Mark joined IBM as Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager, responsible for the implementation of IBM's extensive community programmes across the UK and for engaging IBM UK’s 20,000+ employees in those programmes.

Mark maintains his youth work interests through the Avenues Youth Project in Paddington and is a Trustee of UK Youth - a national charity promoting youth provision and non- formal education. He is a Fellow of the RSA and sits on the Royal Society’s Education Committee.

Joe Wadsworth, Partner Programs, Good Energy

"I'm very excited to be involved with the WOW Awards 2010, and really looking forward to seeing the entries this year. The fresh approach and creative thinking shown by young people in finding potential solutions to real-world sustainability problems they face is enlightening and enriching"

Joe manages Partner Programs for Good Energy, the only electricity supplier in the UK whose fuel mix is 100% renewable, encouraging likeminded companies to inspire their audiences to make a difference to climate change and to value their electricity more and use it less.

A long time supporter of renewable energy Joe is also a director of The Firewinder Company, a company producing award-winning wind powered lights that immediately visualise the power in the wind and allow people to connect with the source of their power.

In the rare moments when he's not advocating renewable energy or creating art installations with wind powered lights, Joe can mostly be found messing about on the river.

Dave Hampton - the Carbon Coach

"I am thrilled at the prospect of being a Dragon in 2011 - one that breathes renewably sourced fire perhaps? Wiping out waste is fun, sensible, healthy, educational, entrepreneurial and ecological, it is all those things. But it can also be a simple act of kindness – and it’s this last one that makes me happiest when cutting my carbon. It will be a huge honour to witness the genius and ingenuity of young people doing great WOW work."

David is a Cambridge Engineer who spent the first 25 years of his working within mainstream construction, engineering and property industries. In 2005, Building Magazine awarded him their first ever Sustainability Leadership Award, and Dave launched on his own as 'the Carbon Coach'. Dave has been one of the UK's most dedicated and prolific campaigners for climate justice. A regular on radio and TV, Dave also gives counsel over coffee to CEOs and celebs alike - about their carbon feet. He is also a visiting lecturer at Cambridge, City, Loughborough and Reading Universities, and does after-dinner ‘stand up’ talks on climate change and carbon.

Julian Feasby - Head of Internal Environmental Management - Enviromnment Agency

"I'm really pleased to be able to take part in the Wipe out Waste event this year. Last time I encountered Footprintfriends I found myself with paint-covered who knows what could happen this time! It's so important that we all get to grips with trying to stop buying unnecessary things in the first place, as that is by far the best way to reduce waste.

About Julian - After 10 years in the water industry in operational management roles and then as Customer Services Director in the USA, Julian then became head of Customer Services at Arval PHH, the car fleet services provider. He joined the Environment Agency four years ago and in this role is responsible for leading the reduction of the organisation's national footprints, assisting other companies to do the same, and leading the work to ensure compliance with environmental legislation. He is no 'obsessive greenie' but approaches environmental improvements in the same way he approaches improvements in any other business.

The Environment is a large employer with over 12,000 staff spread all around England and Wales. Given the nature of the business, you might think that getting the right behaviours for 'greening the workplace' should be easy? People are people wherever you go and well informed people are often the hardest to change. The Agency recently won the Sunday Times Green Business Award for employee engagement - so things are heading in the right direction.

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