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Meet the Zoobloids

The Zoobloids are Champions of the universe who meet on a regular basis as friends and ambassadors at a planet named ‘Footprint’ (pronounced Foooot print). The Zoobloids meet to debate the future of the planet’s they watch over and this includes Earth. They share stories and collectively review the health of the planets they observe.  Above all the Zoobloids share a friendship and wish to extend this friendship to others that care about the planet that sustains them.

On Earth, evidence of Zoobloid interaction is all around us … you will see it for yourself if you allow your imagination to open up to the possibility that in the universe anything is in fact possible.




Grub comes from the undergrowth and can be found when an enquiring mind scratches the surface of our planet.

Grub in uncomplicated by appearance but has the potential to morph into many amazing forms – when you scratch the surface to reveal your grub the potential will pass to you.







Peg is an earwax creature that lives in the ears of world leaders. Secretive in nature, Peg’s job is to listen and absorb information that will enable a better understanding of how world leaders influence the planets future.

When a Peg comes to you, your listening skills will probably improve, how you make the most of the information is up to you… you may end up as a world leader.






Buzz is a creature on holiday from Venus. Buzz chose Earth to visit because it looks good from a distance and on the surface there are stinky piles from which Buzz can get energy. The more stink Buzz finds the more buzzing Buzz creates. This sends out a signal to Venus like a post card and encourages more Buzzers to visit earth.

When Buzz comes to you – pay real attention, the energy reward can come to Earth or Venus depending on how we manage the things that cause a stink.








A spinner sits at both the North and South Pole. The original polar spinners are truly ancient creatures and are only visible for a second at dusk at True North and True South (to observe them is the secret agenda of all polar explorers!) They have woven threads which we recognise as lines of longitude and latitude and a spinners job is to protect this web around our world and detect any disturbing vibrations.

When you are awarded with a spinner, you may notice how much more in tune you are with the world’s vibrations.







Everyone is born with an in-built Stomp. It sleeps for a lot of the time but will stir and wake up when our stomp alarm sounds. This is usually when we get wound up about something and want everyone else to know about it. Stomp is actually a fun and bouncy little thing that loves to be of service to you – it will help you to jump into action. Most humans loose their stomp by the age of 19 – so treasure it, use it wisely and hopefully it will stay with you.







Wag is a highly contagious viral infection. You cannot seek to catch a Wag infection – it will catch you. Wag is known to cause high levels of happiness, great optimism and extreme eagerness. Those who come into contact with those infected with Wag WILL be at risk of infection themselves. Anti-bodies within us all will try to fight off Wag’s symptoms.  Symptoms of Wag will intensify when sparked by an aura of pure energy found within the heart.

Those infected with Wag are immediately in possession of the power to influence others to achieve a positive outcome. If you are ever trying to get a Wag infection here’s a tip – spend time with those who have all the signs of Wag and the chances are that you will succumb to the infectious nature of the virus.










Stretch is a highly useful character that likes to live in human brain matter. Originally from a world called Drobe, the Stretch community basically hung around in perfect order. This high state of neatness and perfection got a bit boring and so the Stretchons went in search of chaos and disorder; they found this in the human brain.

With Stretch inside your mind, your thoughts will hang together with greater clarity and your wildest thinking will challenge Stretch to keep all your information organised and focused – hence the term ‘are you being stretched’.








As every small child understands, an effective human form would look just like Strider. Ask any under 5 to draw a person and they will probably not include a body in the drawing – just a head with arms and legs.Strider has evolved off the pages of small children and lives in our world through our subconscious. As such, powerful language is associated with Strider – such as ‘to make great strides’

With strider in your collection, you will be able to move forward decisively, the direction is up to you.








Boggle the “all knowing eye” can be found at the extremes of the universe, whether it’s the deepest darkest oceans or the end of time. These are very powerful and confident warriors that live to distribute their knowledge and experience widely – warts ‘n’ all.

If you ever stop to think about the scope of universe, in time your mind may become “boggled”. 






Dea (Dee-aa) is the ultimate tree spirit that has arrived on earth from a planet over grown with nature. It embarked on a slingshot ride from its home to appear in our atmosphere 100 zillion light years away. Dea is small but extremely inspirational as it is the beginning of all mighty things that grow.

If you ever thought that a small action or idea was insignificant, think again.   






Flare is an ambassador from the sun who came down to earth via a ray of light. Flare’s mission was to inform humans of the power of the sun and how this great power could be better harnessed. Having arrived on earth, however Flare has become trapped by green house gases, hence the green appearance.

Flare is a really an ultra ‘cool’ being who likes to be HOT, HOT, HOT. Truth be known, Flare would love to get home but for now Flare will stay and educate us about the power of the sun to enable light, growth and energy on earth. When you finally have Flare in your collection, you too will be a bright light with the potential to educate others.  

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