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npower Climate Cops

Winners announced!!! The UK's most passionate 'Green-agers' are...

These ten schools have already won £1,000 for their school and a video camera!

Each of the finalists will be given their own blog on Footprint Friends and you can talk to them and ask them questions in the forum. Of the ten schools there are ten students who will be competing to prove that they are the most passionate Green-Agers with the grand prize of £20,000 for their school!

Judging the competition will be Clare McDougall, Piers Morgan and our very own Karen Ford (Swampy!)

Karen Ford

Clare McDougall is the Education Programme Director at npower since the launch last year of a 5 year, £20 million education programme called the Climate Cops.

Piers Morgan has over twenty years of media experience and will tutor the students on how they can harness the media to publicise their cause, along with judging the year-long competition.

Karen Ford is the founder of Footprint Friends and will, via this site, encourage a network of eco debate and sharing of ideas between young environmental champions. Sign in to see Karen's profile.



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