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One Million Feet To Copenhagen - Press Release

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posted by richard

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One Million Feet To Copenhagen - Press Release

Footprint Friends is creating the BOOK OF DREAMS
million feet to copenhagen (MFTC) initiative
‘Tread softly because you tread on my Dreams’



An invitation to all young people no matter what age, to either paint their feet and/or write an eco-poem and have it included in a ‘book of dreams’, which will be presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December. In this way each ‘foot’ will be symbolically participating in Copenhagen in December.


i) Foot-painting: Paint your feet, have a photo taken of the “finished foot” and e-mail it to Footprint Friends or if you are already a VIP member upload it directly to the MFTC gallery on the website,

Painting feet is a key engagement activity of Footprint Friends – the twist is that the intention is to create a beautiful design to be photographed rather than to leave a print.

The foot painting activity is completely inclusive and from our experience to date the finished art work is colourful and impacting.

ii) Creative Writing: Write a poem within the theme of ‘my dream for the future’, and e-mail it to Footprint Friends or if you are already a VIP member place it in this forum post on the website

Each poem will be automatically entered into the footprint friends MFTC creative writing competition. The best entrants will be included in the Book of Dreams, within the pages of photographed feet.

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