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Foot Gallery (MFTC)

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i) Foot-painting: Paint your feet, have a photo taken of the “finished foot” and e-mail it to footprint friends or upload it directly to the MFTC gallery on the website, www.footprintfriends.com/MFTC

Painting feet is a key engagement activity of Footprint Friends – the twist is that the intention is to create a beautiful design to be photographed rather than to leave a print. It also removes the requirement for parental permission to participate.
The foot painting activity is completely inclusive regardless of literacy, prosperity, culture and age. The finished art work is colourful and impacting. – There is also a strong emotional impact as the small feet are by nature vulnerable and not fully grown – they need the care and protection of adults.

Creative Writing: Write a poem within the theme of ‘my dream for the future’, and send it to footprint friends or upload it directly to

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