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Children in a Changing Climate - teaching resources

Plan UK have produced a huge amount of resources for aiding the teaching of climate change, focusing particularly on the voice of young people living in vulnerable communities in the developing world. The resources are most appropriate for Geography and Citizenship at Key Satge 3 and levels. Alongside schemes of work (up to 14 lessons) there are international linking projects, issue files, country files, movies, videos and Plan publications to help make Climate Change more digestible to students and teachers.

What will students learn?

By facilitating international communication between young people, we hope they will gain awareness of the need for global action on climate change. Students will learn and take action on key issues:

  1. Impacts of climate change – What will happen, who will it happen to?
  2. Mitigation strategy – What can we do to stop it?
  3. Adaptation strategies – How can we adapt to life in a changing climate?
  4. Action – Do something! However small or local, make a change in your life.

The Make the link, Be the Change resources consist of a 14-lesson syllabus with over 20 accompanying worksheets bringing children’s voices from all over the world into the debate.

The resources are designed to be used in conjunction with the Planschoolslink.org project website. To gain access to this website please email [email protected]. Forums will also be available right here on Footprint friends, to access please go to the [BLOGS] section of the menu bar.

The resources can also be used as standalone lesson plans and worksheets to aid students’ understanding of the likely impacts of climate change.

The resources dovetail with the Children in a Changing Climate programme which will lead to a portfolio of work being displayed at the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009. Footprint friends are also a key member of this coalition, more info

Many of the project resources are hosted here on Footprint Friends, but there are additional resources for teaching Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish) and a version for international schools on the Plan-ed resource centre.

For more resources please follow this link




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