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aa - UK Syllabus - Make the link be the change

posted by richard

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aa - UK Syllabus - Make the link be the change

This pack contains Frequently Asked Questions for teachers, lessons plans, teachers’ notes and a feedback form. The lessons have been prepared specifically for the ‘Make the Link, Be the Change’ project. This development education project about climate change follows the success of the 2007 Make the Link, Break the Chains anti-slavery project. We hope that the project will be exciting, insightful and engaging.

Who is participating in the project?
Students and youth organisations from 12 countries are taking part; from Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, El Salvador, Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Senegal, Kenya, Malawi and Sierra Leone and UK.

Lesson content
All 14 lessons are mapped to the 2007 QCA UK national curriculum. We are aware of the new KS3 geography/Citizenship curriculum - this scheme of work should fit closer to 2008 as it encourages international links and broad thinking about global systems.

Each lesson contains a number of hyperlinks to the Plan-ed.org resource centre. The resources are comprehensive - everything required to teach this unit of work should be found either within this document or linked to it. The lessons will not only cover the 3 core sections of climate change: impact, mitigation and adaptation, but also look at advocacy and action. The case studies and support materials have been drawn from experiences that of children around the world.

Although similar, the syllabus for international schools will be less about mitigation than the UK lessons, and will focus more on communicating their environmental situations to UK students involved in the project.

We hope teachers and youth leaders participating in this project will be able to commit to at least 9 core lessons in the academic year 2008 / 2009.

How is the project facilitated?
All work will be shared via the Planschoolslink.org website, and through updates on the Plan-ed.org website. We hope discussions and forums will also occur through the footprintfriends.com website.

There are full time staff based at Plan UK and National Museums Liverpool to aid learning and offer facilitation. We hope to utilise the NML  collections and technologies such as video conferencing between UK and international schools.

This programme of work is free to use as an educational resource, but subject to strict Plan / NML
copyright regarding commercial use and distribution. For details please see terms and conditions

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