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DEFRA Champion profiles

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Following the highly successful first set of Champions, nine young people have recently been selected to become
Defra’s new Climate Change Champions for 2008.

Click here to view the dashboard of the 2008 Climate champions.

Jack, along with his band ‘Troubleshooter’ wrote, recorded and performed a song highlighting the threat of climate change to the world.
Jack’s entry was the most innovative – using music to get his message across. The judges were impressed at the amount of work he had put in – writing, recording and performing a song with his band in a small space of time. At interview Jack demonstrated he is a confident speaker with a sense of humour and a desire to really help people. His interest in the environment was clearly evident and the judges thought he would become an essential and musical part of the Champions team.
Jessica produced and presented a superb video documentary on the impacts of climate change and what practical steps can be taken to reduce this impact.
Jess produced an outstanding entry into the climate change champions competition. She wrote a well researched and informative script which she then memorised to perfection, before presenting like a professional on video. At interview she battled through some tough questions and gave some very solid and comprehensive answers. Jess is very good at taking the initiative: she visited a scientist friend of the family to learn about climate change and she started up her own green group at school. The judges were all highly confident she would make a superb Champion for the North West.
Patrick produced a website at www.forceforchange.weebly.com that contains text pages, a film, a quiz, power point presentations and posters.
The judges all really admired Patrick's boundless enthusiasm and dogged determination. Patrick applied to become one of Defra’s first Champions but was unsuccessful. Undeterred by this, he reapplied and at interview highlighted his clear understanding of how businesses, governments and individuals can all work together to tackle climate change. His website was one of the very best entries into the competition. Patrick also brings a really talent for public speaking and the judges thought he would be an excellent Ambassador for young people - definitely ‘Champion’ material!
Ziana produced an emotive and powerful power-point presentation, using images from around the world to warn of the dangers of climate change.
Ziana made a dramatic and truly memorable presentation about the consequences of failing to tackle climate change. Her approach was very direct, fact heavy and articulate and had the judges almost shell-shocked! Her project and her conduct in front of the judges were impeccable, highlighting her obvious skills in preparation and presenting. A highly motivated, passionate and intelligent Champion who will be a real asset to the team and her region.
As part of her A-level art studies, Pippa entered plans for an impressive and innovative art installation on climate change.
Pippa clearly cares for the environment a great deal. This came across in how she presented her art exhibit and in her interests outside school. She is very imaginative, creative, full of good ideas and very conscientious. The judges were impressed by how much activity Pippa fitted into her days – being involved in environmental activities through her school, local community and church. Highly inquisitive and willing to go that extra mile, the judges had no doubt that Pippa will be a fantastic Champion.
Shirley put together a comprehensive 60 page power-point presentation on the causes, impacts and ways to tackle climate change.
Shirley burst into the interview, her enthusiasm almost knocking us over! The judges were all impressed that her passion for the environment spilled into every discipline at school and had seen her writing about waste statistics in maths and designing recycled clothes in art! Her entry was incredibly comprehensive and we particularly liked her use of local photography. Shirley brings an extensive knowledge of climate change and an unrivalled energy into the team – look out the South West!
Hayleigh choreographed and starred in a climate change fashion show involving her friends at school, with all of the clothes highlighting the dangers of climate change.
Hayleigh brought a breath of fresh air to the competition. Her entry addressed the issue of reducing personal carbon emissions but in a way that had mass appeal and high energy. She is a lively individual with plenty of natural charisma that has clearly already convinced others to do their bit to tackle climate change. Her entry was superbly presented and the judges thought Hayleigh would have the ability and skill to really connect with a wide range of young people, making her a perfect Champion.
Akhil produced a website called ‘Climate Action’ which linked directly to the ACT ON CO2 carbon calculator, and an environmentally friendly shop on Amazon.
Akhil’s entry and interview were both well prepared and demonstrated his knowledge and enthusiasm for climate change. With the £1,000 prize his idea was to set up an environmental bursary at school, and run a competition for his fellow students. In his spare time, Akhil has built up an impressive list of accolades; he has been awarded the Millennium Volunteers Award for contributing over 400 hours of voluntary service, and has also received the ‘Diana Memorial Award’ for his ability to ‘improve and inspire’ the lives of young people. Akhil is also saving to go on a climate change expedition to the Arctic, and was an obvious choice to become London’s Champion.
Adam produced a number of newspaper front pages from a variety of countries that explored the future consequences of climate change over a variety of time-scales.
Adam took a really creative approach to the competition question and his work was imaginative and addressed global issues. The judges were impressed that with the £1,000 prize he would use drama to convey the issue of climate change to an audience because he saw this would have a wide reach and be easily understood. Insightful and with a maturity beyond his years, the judges thought Adam had the ability and ‘know-how ‘ to become a really strong Champion. A man of many talents – straight after the interview, Adam raced home to perform as an ugly sister in his school’s theatre production!
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