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  • Re: I am outraged!!!

    Hi, This is great putting pressure on schools to recycle paper as they consume a great deal of paper, and it is easy to recycle paper and cardboard. It is power to students if your school is not recycling paper raise it with the teachers and the school management. That is what making a difference is all about. Footprint joe90
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 02-20-2008
  • Re: Do you turn of your computer?

    I turn off my computer when it is not in use, and even turn it off at the mains if not being used for long periods of time and at night. This saves a good amount of electricity as the machine still use some even when swtiched off. Hibernation is a cool way of storing where you are without leaving the computer on, it does not use any electric as it saves
    Posted to Polls (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 02-20-2008
  • Re: Simple steps can help make you an Eco Hero

    So what are we doing to become Eco Heros and help others ? I have been reducing times I travel in cars, especially short journeys. Tyring to walk more. Switching off stuff which does not need to be on at night, or when it is not in use during day. Keeping an eye on making sure our house recycle as much as possible. Going to get a compost thing in the
    Posted to Media Watch (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 01-30-2008
  • Re: Do you recycle?

    Hi I have seen special recycle boxes for sale in supermarkets. These might help motivate people to recycle and they have flap lids so you can tip them out into your recycle bin. We just have to stay focussed on doing our bit and not getting lazy as it is easy to not bother. Footprint joe90
    Posted to Polls (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 01-30-2008
  • Re: Generate energy whilst going to school or college....

    Hi Eco Warrior , I think it will be interesting to hear how the wind powered pc gets on. As it should be able to store power in a battery so when it is not windy you can still use the machine. I think we should get more schools and offices to use stuff like this. I also found on the net bags which had solar panels in which can charge a mobile or ipod
  • Re: The lights are off, but we're all home!

    Has anyone bought or seen in action LED bulbs as these use hardly any electric I am thinking of getting some to try at home as this has got to make a saving if we could put them in every light in the home would reduce the amount of power we consume, and save money to do fun stuff with which is eco friendly like riding bikes ! Footprint joe90 Found this
  • Re: Solar Panels

    Hi, this is a great point to think about how the panels are produced and their life span. I think smart use of them will help reduce our dependence on power provided by traditional methods even if it is small to start with. I installed a solar powered light for use in a shed which I keep my bike in. This uses the solar cells to charge batteries which
    Posted to Green Reviews (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 01-23-2008
  • Re: greenbelt land being built on!!!!!

    Hi, There is a need for more houses but there are many sites which they class as brown fields that could be built on which would not impact the environment that much. In any major town or city there are areas which are run down old industrial sites etc. Also often buildings can be refurbished (kinda recycled) instead of always building new, even if
    Posted to Media Watch (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 12-19-2007
  • Our Terms and Conditions

    FFL - terms of use About Us The web site located at the URL: www.footprintfriends.com (the "Web Site") is an online service operated and owned by Footprint Friends Limited (FFL) to provide education, entertainment, and information about the issues presented by climate change. These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to any and
    Posted to Best Practice (Forum) by Footprint joe90 on 12-03-2007
  • Re-Cycling computers and doing your bit

    Hi , Found this article about people doing stuff to help the environment and one guy Alex Ling from US decided to start recycling computers and IT stuff, and then giving them to people in the community instead them going to a land fill site. Is this something we could do in the UK ? Where did your last old computer go ? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci
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