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  • The countdown to Copenhagen

    Silently, while the media force us to focus on mankind’s worst qualities – greed, selfishness and blind ambition – in the background time ticks unrepentant. As we observe the very fabric of our political heritage unravel, we are stunned...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 05-31-2009
  • Heathrow, Heartache and Hope

    It’s not just the governments recent decision on the expansion of Heathrow that leaves me almost lost for words and deeply troubled – it’s the fact that the decision feels so completely at odds with climate change advice and our ambitions...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 01-15-2009
  • Getting ready for Poznan

    In a week where leaders from the world's religious traditions have signed a manifesto urging tough action on climate change and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has accelerated for the first time in four years, I’ve been waiting...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 11-29-2008
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  • Singing, Spontaneity and a Rhapsfeety Saturday

    Most of the time my mind is a jumble of ideas, dreams and other stuff I should really add to the ‘to do’ list. I guess, not unlike many people I’m constantly thinking. Sometimes I experience almost a ‘vision’ style of thought...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 11-23-2008
  • Time to ACT - We are running out of time.

    19th November 2008 - On my way to London in the Guardian I read. “We have less than 8 years to start making an impact on co2 emissions” This is not something new... I have heard this before.... About 2 years ago, I attended a conference called...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 11-20-2008
  • Earth Summit 2008

    Earth Summit 2008 I have just returned home after attending The Earth Summit 2008 at the O2 stadium organised by Study Experiences. It was a 2 day event with some thought provoking and inspirational presentations. I have come away feeling even more determined...
  • Make Change Happen

    This week, Americans made history. In his victory speech, Obama said "There is new energy to harness and new jobs to be created." He now has a responsibility to bring that vision to the world. One way he can show us his passion for making change...
    Posted to Footprint Friends by Swampy on 11-09-2008
  • Cantell School Case Study

    Chris Brown – Geography Teacher of Cantell Maths and Computing College commented… My journey started when I completed an on-line survey to check my own carbon footprint. I was curious to see how the survey worked and whether it would be suitable...
    Posted to School case study by Swampy on 11-09-2008
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  • Carbon Management Consultant

    My client is currently searching for a senior-level candidate with work experience in energy and carbon management. The candidate will manage/assist on projects that include identifying energy efficiency improvement opportunities in commercial and industrial...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Katrina on 10-01-2008
  • Senior Offshore Installation Manager

    My client is a rapidly expanding organisation working in the field of offshore wave energy. They are currently looking for a Senior Offshore Installation Engineer to be based in Edinburgh. Key responsibilities include managing the contractor(s) involved...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Katrina on 10-01-2008
  • European Finance Team

    My client a top investment bank is looking to expand its operations into Europe. As a result they are looking for a team to be based in London that will proviide coverage of european renewable energy companies. They will be looking for a range of financiers...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Katrina on 10-01-2008
  • Renewable Energy Researcher

    You will contribute to our clients ongoing research of renewable energy markets and company strategies focused on renewable energy. Based in Barcelona, primary responsibilities include gathering and assimilating market intelligence in the region to support...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Katrina on 10-01-2008
  • Calling all engineers!

    A large number of our clients based in the UK are looking for engineers to join their various teams. If you are an experienced structural, civil, aeronautical, mechanical or electrical engineer and are interested in opportunties here in the UK or in Europe...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Laura-Jane on 05-19-2008
  • Greek-speaking finance professional

    My client, an asset management company is looking for a junior, Greek-speaking finance professional to join its raidly expanding renewable energy team. The focus is primarily on the renewables, and clean tech space and the role would include formulating...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Laura-Jane on 05-15-2008
  • Project Development Manager - Cornwall UK

    Reporting to the CEO, the successful candidate will lead our client’s project development activities. Key roles and responsibilities will include: - Ownership of key decision-making on development activities, firmly aimed at securing planning permission...
    Posted to KattenElljay by Katrina on 04-29-2008
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