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Y - Issue File - global iniatitives

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Y - Issue File - global iniatitives
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Global initiatives and key events on Climate Change
Timeline of how a global consensus developed

1968: Biosphere Conference,
Paris, France
International Conference for Rational Use and Conservation of the Biosphere by UNESCO. Early discussions
of the concept of ecologically sustainable development.

1971: Polluter Pays the Principle
Oslo, Norway
OECD Council says that those countries causing pollution should pay the costs.

1972: Conference on Human Environment
Stockholm, Sweden
First global recognition that the environment was endangered. Developed countries realised and accepted
that they had completely ignored the impact on the environment during their rapid development. Since
then, with the forming of the UNEP, almost all countries have undertaken to monitoring quality of their air,
water and other components of the natural world. All building towards planned earth summit at Rio, 1992.

1975: CITES
Washington DC, USA
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of flora and fauna came into force in 1975.
Its main aim was to ensure that the international trade in wild animals and plants and their parts and
products is not detrimental to the survival of the species.

1976: Habitat
Vancouver, Canada
The first global meeting linking human settlement and the environment. Highlighted the problems being
faced due to an increase in the population.

1977: Conference on Desertification (UNCOD)
Nairobi, Kenya
UN holds a Conference on Desertification and its impacts.
The conference adopted a Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, in order to stem the spread of
deserts and to assist and ensure the economic development of the areas affected

1979: Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Geneva, Switzerland
Convention agreed by 34 Governments and the European Community (EC the first international
legally binding instrument to deal with problems of air pollution on a broad regional basis...

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