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Survey worksheet 5 - School Survey

posted by richard

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Survey worksheet 5 - School Survey

School Efficiency Survey for Lesson 7

How many lights do you pass that are:
‣ On unnecessarily
‣ Being used efficiently

How many lights are
‣ Fluorescent tubes
‣ Normal light bulbs (can you find out if these are energy saving or not?)

How many buildings:
‣ Have single glazed windows
‣ Have double glazed windows

How many corridors are:
‣ Being heated too much/are being cooled too much
‣ About the correct temperature

How many doors:
‣ Are open unnecessarily (letting cold/hot air in/out)
‣ Are correctly closed

How many:
‣ CRT monitors can you see?
‣ TFT Monitors can you see?

How many computer monitors are:
‣ On unnecessarily
‣ On standby
‣ Switched off

How many:
‣ Taps are dripping
‣ Taps are turned off

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