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K - Worksheet 3

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K - Worksheet 3
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Name: Dorethy Timba & Zebroni Kiwonjerar
Age: 18 & 16
Sex: Female and Male
School: Ezondweni Community Day Secondary School

Tell us a little about your environment and community
Our community has about 8000 people, most of whom are youth. We are surrounded by the river Lunyangwa to the west and river Kasito to the east. The terrain is mountainous and there are many trees. Most people earn their money through small farming activities such as growing tomatoes which are later sold at market. Many people are unemployed. There are many cultural activities such as the Ingoma traditional dance.

How has your community been affected by changes in the environment or climate?
Deforestation has led to drought and has sometimes led to famine in the area. The same drought causes problems as the water table drops below the bore holes - causing our drinking water to cease. Deforestation also leads to flash flooding which has destroyed many properties, as has the wind. When the trees are taken out, the protection is gone.

What are the knock on effects of these changes for:
- You and your family

With a longer hot season people can’t cultivate their small plots and this can lead to famine and economic problems, famine also brings diseases - especially to children and the elderly. Hungry and unhealthy children cannot go to school - this causes illiteracy among them.

- Your community
Locally made bridges get swept away in the flooding. This stops children going to school as they have to walk long distances and don’t have umbrellas. The problems make the community and people feel sad due to lack of food, controlled movement, leaking houses and destruction of homes. People feel insecure not knowing what might happen next and struggling to find employment.

What are the main risks which you think climate change / local environmental change poses to your life?
Many impacts will take a long time to be fully noticed. We already know that people are unable to cultivate their land as the earth surface becomes hard. This leads to famine which finally brings death in livestock and people. The government also has to change its agenda from improving the country to food supply and security issues. When animals die people loose their assets and often their
livelihoods. Shortage of water means moving further in search of it, and people being less clean due to water being unavailable to wash with. Lack of clean drinking water causes many diseases in the community.

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