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Wipe Out Waste Winners 2009 -
Stop Wasting Perfectly Good Pencils!


Maia, Ewen, Oliver, and Rebecca of Canon Burrows Primary School came up with an ingenious idea to save pencils. The judges voted them the overall winners of the 2009 WOW - Wipe Out Waste Awards and a powerPerfector unit has now been fitted in their school.

The Canon Burrows team realised that pencils in schools are thrown away when they are half used as they are too small for children to hold. They identified 55 million pencils that could be saved in the U.K. each year!

Their solution is a simple device, which would grip a pencil until it runs out. Their vision was that it would be cheap to make, comfortable to hold, and would fit any size pencil.

Oliver made the point in his presentation ‘You wouldn’t throw away half a £20 note - So why are we throwing away half a perfectly good pencil?’

Canon Burrows Primary School- WOW Winners

Footprint Friends and powerPerfector are working with Canon Burrows School to turn this idea into a real product that will appear in schools across the country.

The designs are completed

Footprint Friends and powerPerfector are delighted to announce the final designs of the pencil life extender have been completed!

We are eagerly looking forward to producing a working prototype! From there we can put it forward for full production.

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